Our new broker solution was launched on 1 January 2015 after 55,000 hours of development. During the last year we presented close to 2000 properties with our solution. Ask our customers about their opinion of us!

Our goal has been to develop a completely new way of operating, automating as much functionality as possible, not to mention simplifying the workload for the individual.

Process management has been another keyword, coordinating all agents in the same workflow. There are checklist control and clever shortcuts from the checklist, easy to monitor and easy for the person in charge of overall responsibility.

Where a settlement is to take place, all documents are prepared and ready. This is where automation shows its full strength.
The entire solution is 100% web-based and can cover the largest chains down to the smallest law office.

We invite you for a "trial run" so can you give us your score. Send an email to salg@webtop.no.  We can arrange a presentation for you on the web or in a meeting.