Lead Management and CRM are two sides of the same coin. Most importantly, all inquiries are collected and categorized. Who has signed up through their own websites or through finn.no? Who is on for a viewing, and who was the lady who came by the office yesterday and wanted a property sales listing?

Webtop STREAM is our tool that provides "gathering" of names, addresses, and mobile phone numbers. We have put this into a system that monitors and requires immediate follow-up, tailored to your business and objectives, on who will follow up and how quickly it has to be done.
Furthermore, monitoring must be delegated by qualified personnel, your own brokers, assistants - or externally. Most importantly, the customer will be followed up with a phone call and if it is relevant, the need for an inspection, loan, or insurance. Advice from a banking / insurance connection is solved in an elegant manner.

Finally, all involved have to be categorized, young or old, with or without children, people who are interested in villas, townhouses, or apartments.

So you can leisurely make a separate program for each categorized group of people who require more information, how, and when.
No one slips through the system so that this becomes your new great earner. Send an email to salg@webtop.no and we will arrange a meeting.